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About Mediation

Will Good Alternative Dispute Resolution Services aims to fulfill our mission of promoting harmony and success. Disagreement can be a healthy part of achieving successful outcomes, such as executing a contract, forming a business or a partnership, completing a development project, or hiring (or being hired) to perform significant work at a corporation. Understanding that all parties must be clear on what they are actually agreeing to, where they may differ, and how they will handle any disagreements as they come up, is a smart proactive strategy to better ensure success and prevent conflict.

Our process is straightforward. Mediations are done by a licensed attorney who is a certified mediator. The mediation may also be attended by experienced professionals in the field, whether it is Real Estate, Human Resources and Employment, or Wills and Probate. The Mediator is neutral to all parties involved in the mediation. The Mediator is there to facilitate the process. The mediator is not the attorney or the advocate for either party. The Mediator is not the decision maker. The parties are in control of the outcome. The Mediator provides information, guides the process, and creates the resulting binding agreement for all parties to sign.

Our mediation is and designed to be both preventative and is tailored to resolve active disputes.  Our process is “issue focused” meaning that we cover issues that are common and uncommon. The Summary Dispute Analysis developed after consult is used as a guide to ensure that each issue is addressed and resolved. 

Important Points of Mediation: 

  • Mediation is Confidential 
  • The Mediator is Not a Judge
  • The Mediator is Neutral and Not On Either “Side”
  • The Purpose of Mediation is to Find and Document Agreement for All Parties to Sign

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