About Advocacy & Action

Will Good Advocacy and Action Services aims to be a resource for information and action on issues that threaten overall harmony and the success of individuals, groups, businesses, or missions. We do this in several ways. Often the issue can be resolved through investigation and intervention. When the issue is deeper or involves officials, multiple parties, or is complex, the action steps  may involve filing official requests, complaints, and claims, appealing to elected officials, bringing transparency to the issue, and/or initiating legal actions. 

Not all disputes of this sort stem from fraud, corruption, defamation, or a conspiracy. Sometimes individuals themselves are able to reflect back on personal decisions that they now see as in error and want to correct. We can help with that. We believe not only in the power of transparency and truth, but also in forgiveness and recovery.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All information found on this site is for informational purposes only.  We try to keep this site up to date with the most current legal information, but that may not always be the case and legal rules changes quickly. 

Individuals reviewing this content should contact their attorney to obtain advice on any legal matters prior to taking any action. None of the information on this website or any function, including the contact options, or completing any form should be construed as the creation or establishment of any attorney-client relationship. No attorney-client relationship has been established with any individual reviewing, communicating through, or reviewing this site, unless an express, specific, and written representation letter has been extended and signed by all parties.