How long the mediation will last and whether one or more sessions will be necessary depends on the issue(s), how far apart the parties are from agreement on the issues and how complex the issues are. After the initial consultation with both parties, an estimated amount of time for the mediation will be calculated and included in the Agreement to Mediate that all parties will sign, prior to mediation.

Our fees for mediation are straightforward (Transparency is our one of our foundational tenants after all). The consultation with each party separately (approx. 30 minutes each) is $150 total. If all parties agree to mediate after the consultation, the mediation itself is $200, per hour, with a four hour minimum. It is not uncommon for one party to cover the cost of the mediation solely, but the fee can easily be split. Mediation is generally considered to be a cheaper option, as litigation and securing attorneys for each party, quickly surpasses the cost of mediation. Through traditional litigation, parties pay more fees and lose the decision-making authority in their own situations.

The mediation is held in a comfortable conference room at the mediator’s office. Breaks are provided to allow for caucusing with the parties or for the benefit of the parties and the process.