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I am sorry for each and every one of us going through this and the individual hardships, losses, and sufferings you alone have had to bear. I especially am sorry to those of you who get up each day filling your vehicle’s engine with gasoline and your engine with coffee to go work to make this economy work by contributing your wefts to what should be a safety net. This crisis has taught us many things, the least of which isn’t the importance of financial security and management. Many who relied on a false sense of security through having employment, a 401k, investments, unemployment insurance, or expecting a government bailout received a frightening wake up call. We learned that there were crises that could chew through even the most secure jobs, shock the stock market, create traffic jams and a shortage of resources for assistance, and that many were disqualified from relief. We keep waiting for recovery to begin. Recovery begins now.

Part of my advocacy services include walking with you from questioning to decision-making, cutting through red -tape, difficult concepts, tricky language, and hidden agendas. If you should find yourself thinking about how to better plan, invest resources, qualify for aid, or just get answers, I am here to help. I will make the calls with you or for you, draft correspondence, and explain things in a plain and clear manner. This includes help on understanding and applying for unemployment insurance, a small business loan, claiming a hardship with lenders, loan servicers, or landlords, questions with yours or your child’s education, seeking refunds for cancelled events, medical issues, and most certainly resolving disputes.

I will also remind you that now is the time to make our voices heard through political action. This is a wakeup call for us all to truly prioritize those issues that matter to us, put aside minor differences, and demand responsible leadership. No matter which side of the aisle you are on, if you feel like a leader in whom you trusted treated lives and livelihoods in a manner that is inconsistent with our values, let’s hold them accountable.


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