Is Disruption an Element of Peace?

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In Oklahoma, you get familiar with the dirt. I have seen what looked like a peaceful piece of solid ground disturbed by various equipment to remove corruptive roots and to till the ground for good seed to grow. I worked in a vast system that was a textbook case of illegitimacy. The individuals in this system operated under an unwritten policy manual that trumped the one they showed. Facts, merit, and objectivity are not valued in this system. We raged against a major entity in this system. There were other entities making up this whole web, and though they aren’t where the problem originated, they were key in the miscarriage. These offshoots picked a side, and that side was the status quo. They signed on to the mistreatment and distanced themselves, according to the unwritten policy. I would find myself questioning whether to call out these ancillary injustices as well. They weren’t the root cause, but they are part of the problem. I had my answer. These players perpetuate the system that allows for the germination of the seed and ultimately the beanstalk. In our case specifically, when the giant turned, they turned too. Their support shriveled, and in some cases, they too took on corruptive practices. Ultimately for good seed to grow, the ground needed to be disturbed.

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